Splash Pad

We had a great time with some friends at the Splash Pad in Hales Corners Park.  Madison, Lincoln, Connor and Macie all had a great time, here is a quick video of the fun.

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Vacation Up North

Highlights of our vacation in the Northwoods.  We visited the Camp 5 Logging Museum in Laona and rode the Steam Engine that is 101 years old!  In addition we visited the Rhinelander Logging Museum which is billed as the Oldest Logging Museum in the world. Madison enjoyed seeing the train run on the 1930’s – 1950’s model of Rhinelander.  What would a trip to Rhinelander be without some fine food.  We went to The Haven for some pizza, Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty for breakfast and even drank an Old Fashioned at the Cross Country Bar.  While in Minocqua we went to Wildwood Wildlife Park And Nature Center (The old Jim Pecks) and were able to interact with some animals a little closer than we usually do at the zoo.  We visited Merrill where we got to spend some time with Scott’s Godmother, Mary Jo and enjoyed taking a dip in her pool. We also went to the Lincoln County Fair.  One last highlight was taking the River Boat Queen down the Wisconsin River for a sightseeing cruise.  Madison enjoyed the boat trip and was able to spend some time with Grandpa Dick and Grandma Chris.  A big thanks goes out to cousin John for letting us use his home for the week.

2017-7-24 - Laona - Camp 5 - 36
2017-7-23 - Rhinelander - 4
2017-7-27 - Minocqua - 7
2017-7-25 - Rhinelander - Wisconsin River Cruises - 18
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Maya’s Baptism

Today we celebrated the baptism of our niece Maya.  Cindy and Brad along with Nora welcomed Maya on April 28th.  The baptism was at St. James Congregation in Menomonee Falls.  Scott was very happy to accept his role as Godfather for Maya along with Chris (Strysick) and Hanna (Anderson).  A small gathering was held at the Anderson home following the baptism.

2017-7-16 - Menomonee Falls - 3
2017-7-16 - Menomonee Falls - 10
2017-7-16 - Menomonee Falls - 17
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Week 30

We had our first Summer Movie Night of the summer.  Cousin Nora enjoyed showing Madison her bubble gun and playing outside with her.   We went to our first wedding, Congratulations to Dan and Erika.  Madison enjoyed swinging at the park where the weeding was being held.  This week we made even more friends at playgroup and went for another hike with our Hike It Baby Friends.

2016-6-25 - Milwaukee - 2
2016-6-26 - Brookfield - 8
2016-6-25 - Milwaukee - Summer Movie Night - 16
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Week 29

What a great week.  We spent Father’s Day with by going for a walk to the park and took him out to dinner at the Milwaukee Ale House.  Madison started her playgroup this week and meet some new friends.  Most of her new friends are a couple of months older than her but she still likes making new friends.  Madison is doing a great job sitting up now, and is more comfortable on her stomach in the attempts to push herself up. Dad and Madison found a new group called Hike It Baby, they went on their first hike this week with other kids her age.  The week ended with some friends at Hoyt Park.

2016-6-19 - Milwaukee - 12
2016-6-18 - Milwaukee - 2
2016-6-19 - Milwaukee - 4
2016-6-23 - South Milwaukee - Grant Park - 2
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Week 28

We had a busy week, we spent the sometime at the zoo, exploring our mini pool (without water), spending time at the park and visiting the Botanical Gardens. It turns out that Madison does not like to sit in her pool with water.  While at the park we found out that Madison really enjoys to swing.  Thanks to Aunt Cindy and Cousin Nora for joining us at the park.

2016-6-11 - Milwaukee - 9
2016-6-16 - Hales Corners - 2
2016-6-12 - Brookfield - 1
2016-6-17 - Wauwatosa - 2


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Week 27

Can you believe it Madison is 6 months old?  Wow how things have changed for us.  Madison is enjoying tummy time more and more each day.  Madison is getting really good at sitting independently.  We have noticed that Madison can’t keep her toys out of her mouth, could teeth be coming soon?


2016-6-6 - Milwaukee - 4
2016-6-5 - Milwaukee - 20
2016-6-5 - Milwaukee - 4



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