Happy Halloween

While it is defiantly a different kind of Halloween, we wanted to share some of our halloween this year.

2020-10-31 - Milwaukee - 6
2020-10-31 - Milwaukee - 10
2020-10-31 - Milwaukee - 9
2020-10-31 - Milwaukee - 1
2020-10-31 - Sussex - 5
2020-10-31 - Sussex - 1
2020-10-31 - Sussex - 9

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Trip to Green Bay

To end the summer we took a trip to Green Bay.  We visited Titletown Brewing Company as well as explored the Downtown Green Bay area.  During our trip we went to Bay Beach Amusement Park.  Madison enjoyed the rides at Bay Beach.  Scott enjoyed riding the Zippin Pippin, one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in america.  The roller coaster was relocated to Green Bay in 2010.  Madison had fun and she lasted the whole day without a nap but fell asleep within 10 minutes leaving the amusement park.

2019-8-19 - Green Bay - Bay Beach - 1
2019-8-19 - Green Bay - Bay Beach - 58
2019-8-19 - Green Bay - Bay Beach - 26
2019-8-19 - Green Bay - Bay Beach - 18

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Our Days at the Wisconsin State Fair

One of the highlights of summer in Wisconsin is going to the Wisconsin State Fair.  This year we enjoyed several days at the fair.  Our time was filled with rides, food, performances, and don’t forget the cheese curds (Brad and Harry’s cheese curds are the best).  Scott was even served a beer from a robot!  You can see some of our time at the fair with the video below.

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Florida Vacation

In July we went to Madeira Beach in Florida.  This was our first family vacation outside of Wisconsin.  It was Madison’s first time on a plane and she did very well flying.  We stayed at the Sea Breeze Condominiums in Madeira Beach, this was just outside of Tampa and near St. Pete Beach.  During our vacation we spent time on the beach (steps away from the condo), John’s Pass, a micro brewery in St. Petersburg, the Florida Aquarium just to name a few of the things we did.  The weather was great and it wasn’t as hot as I expected in July, maybe it was the pool at the condo that made the hot Florida weather in July.

2019-7-27 - Madeira Beach - 22
2019-7-27 - Madeira Beach - 43
2019-7-25 - Madeira Beach - 5
2019-7-21 - Madeira Beach - 3

Here are some of our highlights from our vacation to Florida.

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San Diego Trip

Scott and Suzy were able to make a get away for a quick trip to San Diego to start the summer.  While on the trip they were able to visit with their long time friend Todd who recently moved to San Diego.  They were also able to meet up with Scott’s cousin Brian and his family.  While out in San Diego Scott and Suzy were able to see the Brewers play two games against the Padres, while we didn’t see a win it was still fun to see the brewers play at another ballpark.  The trip may have been quick it was fun to start summer off with a trip to the west coast.  Can’t wait to go back.

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Summer Vacation – Day 6

Our day started off with a visit to Pioneer Park to play on the playground and visit the historical complex including the little school house and lumberjack camp.  Afterwards we visited the Rhinelander Brewery taproom and Scott meet up with an old scouting friend from his days working at Tesomas Scout Camp. The night ended with dinner at the Al-Gen dinner club.  You can’t go to a northwoods dinner club without enjoying an old fashioned.

2018-7-20 - Rhinelander - 1
2018-7-20 - Rhinelander - 8
2018-7-20 - Rhinelander - 9
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Summer Vacation – Day 5

We started the morning with a wagon ride and had a campfire breakfast.  We made our own toast around the campfire.  Madison got her hands on the selfie stick and even snapped a few photos while telling us to “say cheese”.

2018-7-19 - Rhinelander - 2
2018-7-19 - Rhinelander - 27
2018-7-19 - Rhinelander - 23

Later in the morning we took a tour of the Camp 5 Lumberjack Museum in Laona.  We started by taking a 10 minute train ride to the Lumberjack Museum on a steam engine.   Once back at the Lumberjack Museum we had the chance to see a blacksmith, farm animals, an old country store and a museum of lumberjack tools. Madison even got to make the train horn sound.

2018-7-19 - Laona - 26
2018-7-19 - Laona - 36
2018-7-19 - Laona - 29
2018-7-19 - Laona - 3

We ended the night with a round of mini golf at Settlers Mill.  Suzy got a hole-in-one and Madison enjoyed picking up the golf balls even before we had a chance to hit them.

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Summer Vacation – Day 4

We spent the day in Minocqua.  This time we went for lunch at Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty.  If you haven’t been you should check it out.  They serve breakfast and lunch, however lunch does include many of the breakfast items.


2018-7-18 - Minocqua - 2
2018-7-18 - Minocqua - 6
2018-7-18 - Minocqua - 3
2018-7-18 - Minocqua - 7

After lunch we were able to get a pontoon cruise around the lakes in Minocqua.  Lots of beautiful “summer” homes on the lakes.  We even saw some loons, ducks and an eagle on our 2 hour tour.

Our night in Minocqua ended with the Min-Aqua Bats water ski show.  They have some talented water skiers who have a long tradition in the northwoods with their ski show.

2018-7-18 - Minocqua - 45
2018-7-18 - Minocqua - 51
2018-7-18 - Minocqua - 34
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