Week 1 – Day 4

Our first night at home was an adjustment.  We spent the evening trying to figure out Madison’s schedule and ultimately our schedule.   We took turns trying to get her to sleep.  We fed her every couple of hours, then she would promptly fall asleep.

In the morning we woke up and thought “we made it”.  We had some concerns because since we left the hospital Madison had not had a wet diaper.  We called the pediatrician and made an appointment to see a Lactation Consultant to make sure she was getting fed.  While at the Lactation Consultant Madison made us give her a diaper change, so that was positive news.  Although the doctor wants to see about 10 diaper changes a day he was not concerned.

During the afternoon Madison was adjusting to her surroundings. She is very curious and looks around the room she is in.  We think she likes it when the holiday lights come on at 4:15 PM (on a timer).  We can just imagine what she is seeing when those lights come on.  She is enjoying her swing that rocks her, usually within minutes she is sleeping.  It is fun to watch her move her head around as she is sleeping.  She often looks like she is trying to stretch out.  Every once in a while Madison will let out a “squeak”, just to let us know she’s here.

During the evening Madison spent time with both Mom and Dad in our arms.  It was very nice.