Week 1 – Day 5

Overnight Suzy spent sometime in the nursery with Madison, sometime in our room with Madison.  She was trying to find the best place for her.  Madison did fuss a little more overnight between feedings.  We are told that it is common for babies to sleep during the day and be more active at night.

We went to our first appointment with her Pediatrician Dr. Richer at Tosa Pediatrics.  The appointment went well, and Dr. Richer says Madison is a healthy girl and has some great lungs (can you guess why?).  We brought up the lack of soiled diapers but Dr. Richer said soon enough we would be changing diapers 10 – 13 times a day.

We spent the day getting our routine down.  We are still trying to figure out how to do this best.  Madison seems very content to eat, sleep and need diaper changes (finally).

2015-12-9 - Wauwatosa - 1
2015-12-9 - Milwaukee - 3
2015-12-9 - Wauwatosa - 3
2015-12-9 - Wauwatosa - 2