Week 15

What a week!  Dad continued to spend his leave with Madison, although on Tuesday he had to go to work so he could have an Classroom Observation done. Madison enjoyed another day on Tuesday at daycare.  While at daycare they took a St. Patricks Day photo, hey we all are Irish once a year.  This week we went to church to have a blessing done for Madison’s upcoming baptism in April.  Again this week Madison spent sometime running errands with day, she was a big hit at the bank this week.  Madison is starting to spend time on her tummy, although she will only do this for about a minute she is doing a great job lifting up her head.  We continue to struggle with sleeping in the crib.


2016-3-14 - Sussex - 1
2016-3-17 - Milwaukee - 8
2016-3-15 - Milwaukee - 4
2016-3-17 - Milwaukee - 1