Week 17

This week we celebrated our first Easter as a family.  We enjoyed having family over.  A big thank you to our family for giving such nice Easter Baskets.  Madison will enjoy all the new little toys, books and outfits.  We are blessed to have so many who are so giving to our family.  This week while Scott and Madison were out to lunch they ran into a friend of Suzy’s, it was nice to see Alison and hear about her new baby at home, we even snapped a picture to send to Suzy at work. Madison is starting to drool more, enough that we have to wear a bib sometimes during the day.  We don’t know if that is a good thing, it could mean that she is starting to teeth.

2016-3-27 - Milwaukee - St Therese Parish - Easter - 24
2016-3-31 - Brookfield - 1
2016-3-29 - Milwaukee - 2
2016-3-27 - Milwaukee - Easter - 29