Week 3

Madison met her cousin Nora this week.  We enjoyed the visit with Uncle Brad, Aunt Cindy and Cousin Nora.  We were also very thankful for them bringing over a meal for us all to share.  Nora shared with us that when she gets big like mommy she can hold Madison by herself (Nora knows that right now she needs to help hold Madison with her mom or dad).

This week we enjoyed our first Christmas together. We spent Christmas Eve with Suzy’s Family with a Christmas Eve service at our church then a light supper at our house.  Nora was very excited to share the gifts that she picked out for everyone but she was more excited to see her cousin Madison.  We spent the evening sharing gifts and watching A Christmas Story.

On Christmas morning we spent it with Grandma Peggy.  Madison enjoyed watching us open her gifts.  We enjoyed just being with her.

Madison is getting better at feeding and sleeping at night, not to say that she doesn’t have her moments during the night but we are sleeping better.  We think she is enjoying her life of feeding, sleeping and diaper changes.

2015-12-19 - Milwaukee - 1
2015-12-19 - Milwaukee - 3
2015-12-24 - Milwaukee - 22