Week 8

This week we keep learning more about this parenting thing.  At times it is getting easier and at times it is getting harder.  Madison is keeping us on our toes in all aspects of life.  She keeps sharing her warm smile with us and usually has a big smile on her face in the morning when she wakes up.  She has been getting better at sleeping through the night.  It started with longer stretches of sleep from 2 – 4 hours t0 3 – 6 hours and now will even sleep through the night for us.  Mom appreciates this the most.

Madison had a visit from her cousin who was very excited to see her.  Cousin Nora is so happy when she gets to visit Madison and enjoys playing with her on the floor.

We tried some tummy time this week using the boppy pillow.  She does it for only a few minutes at a time but we can say that she still enjoys her play gym (on her back) the best.

2016-1-26 - Milwaukee - 1
2016-1-23 - Milwaukee - 3
2016-1-24 - Milwaukee - 4