Week 10

This week we has some more first’s. We went to our first Church Service at our church. Madison slept through the church service. After church we went out dinner with our friends Brandon & Kim and their son Noah. The noise was a bit much but Madison was very happy when mommy was holding her.

We enjoyed the Superbowl and Madison was up for most of the game.  She was indifferent as to the team that won.

Madison had another appointment this week.  She is doing great and is very healthy.  At her doctor visit she was 13 lbs 5oz.

This week Grandma Peggy stayed with us for a few days.  We were both able to be out running errands at the same time.  This also allowed us to have a night out to dinner.  Suzy and I enjoyed a nice dinner at the Outback Steak House.

2016-2-12 - Brookfield - 3
2016-2-7 - Milwaukee - 4
2016-2-7 - Milwaukee - 5
2016-2-6 - New Berlin - 1