Week 20

This week we went for our first walk, we went for just a short walk around the block. Madison did a great job in her stroller. Our friends Kim, Brandon and Noah came over for a small party in the back yard. Madison enjoyed her time outside. We can tell she is getting ready for summer as we will be spending more time outside this summer. After the success from our first walk we went for a longer walk in downtown Wauwatosa. It was nice day and we walked to Hart Park then we had a nice lunch at Cafe Hollander. This week we added squash and carrots to our solid foods. She has enjoyed all of these so far although she does give us some faces to each new food she tries.

2016-4-17 - Wauwatosa - 1
2016-4-17 - Wauwatosa - 13
2016-4-16 - Milwaukee - 4