Week 2

What a busy week.  We had a visit from Grandpa Dick, Grandma Chris and Aunt Michelle.  They were very excited to meet Madison.  I went back to work this week and Suzy had her first week by herself with Madison.  It was filled with lots of feedings, diaper changes and naps.  This week Madison enjoyed her first Packer game.

During the week we were still trying to figure out her schedule.  She seems to be feeding every 2 – 3 hours but some parts of the day she likes to feed more frequently depending on the hour.  She can be fussy at times and we haven’t figured out her cries yet.  She likes to sleep during the day and keep us awake at night by feeding and crying when we put her down.  We are hoping that she will flip her schedule pretty soon.

This week we had a little photo shoot for a Christmas card.  We caught her at a good time so she slept through most of the pictures while mom and dad adjusted things.  The result will be on our Christmas Card.

2015-12-13 - Milwaukee - 5
2015-12-18 - Milwaukee - 2
2015-12-13 - Milwaukee - 6