Week 5

We celebrated Christmas with the Polebitski side of the family.  Grandma Chris and Grandpa Dick enjoyed spending time with Madison and brought some great gifts for Madison.  Aunt Michelle was able to make it and of course brought some great outfits and accessories for Madison.  Madison is so lucky to have some aunts with great fashion taste.  Our Aunt Susan, Cousin Maggi and Chris came for a visit as well.  We had a great time and great food from Portillo’s (Chicago Based), the Italian Beef and Pasta was great.

After the holiday break Dad went back to work while Mom had her first adventure out of the house by herself.  The trip was to Madison’s checkup at Tosa Pediatrics, the appointment went great and Madison is 11 lbs 1 oz.  Mom did great on the trip and even picked up a treat for herself on the way home.  Dad got in on the action as well this week.  Friday after Dad got home from work Mom wanted to run to the store to get some items, so Dad stayed home with Madison.  It was well coordinated and mom came home just in time for her next feeding.  All went well.

In addition this week we hit our first milestone with Madison, she was 1 month old.

2016-1-2 - Milwaukee - Polebitski Family Christmas - 4
2016-1-5 - Milwaukee - 2
2016-1-2 - Milwaukee - Polebitski Family Christmas - 17