Week 9

Can you believe it, it has been two months since Madison was born.  It was a pretty busy week for us, we went for our First Outing as a family. It was Nora’s 3rd birthday party.  Nora enjoyed showing us how she has become better at unwrapping gifts.  Madison spent some much needed time with Grandma Peggy and Aunt Cindy.  She also met m

any on the Anderson (Uncle Brad) side of the family.  On Thursday Suzy and Madison made a special trip out to moms work, Immucor GTI Diagnostics.  Suzy’s co-workers were very excited to see Madison.  Suzy has less than a month before she will go back to work.  

We are making progress with Madison sleeping at night.  She continues to sleep through the night for the most part, which is very welcomed by mom and dad.  We are starting to use the crib to sleep in and she is sleeping in longer stretches while in the crib.  Madison has been turning on her side while sleeping, she must like her side better than on her back.

Madison has started to enjoy bath time more.  Bath time was a struggle for a while but now that she can get her bellybutton wet it is going much better.

We have been experimenting with bottles this week.  At first she didn’t like the bottle but she’s starting to give it her approval.  Suzy had to get a filling this week so Madison had no choice in the matter for about 12 hours.

2016-1-30 - Sussex - 27
2016-2-3 - Milwaukee - 1
2016-2-5 - Miwlaukee - 3
2016-2-2 - Milwaukee - 2